Welcome to my blog

Hello, and welcome to my humble math blog, Here’s a little intro about myself.

About Myself…

  • Born in Korea
  • Currently, a graduate student in Master’s Program of Pure Mathematics, UC San Diego
  • Bilingual (Korean and English)
  • Love Cooking.

About Academics…

  • Rosmini College, Takapuna, New Zealand (’06~’10)
  • Carleton College, MN, US (’11 ~ ’15)
  • UC San Diego, CA, US (’16 ~ ’17)
  • Graduation Presentation about Real Analysis: Measure Theory
  • Intend to study Complex Analysis and Analytic Number Theory in grad school


  • In charge of Project: Math Clinic
  • Conducted “A Good Day to Math” and “An Invitation to the Problems”
  • In preparation of Project: Mission Euler
  • Writing a book: Good Day To Math
  • Writing novels: Mathematician’s Paradise

(This post is still in progress…)

Welcome to my blog