TA Evaluations @ UCSD

Here, I upload my TA evaluations; I will update new evaluations every quarter hopefully.

Academic Year ’16 ~ ’17

Lee_Sung_Student_IA_Evaluation_-_MATH_20B – FA16

Lee_Sung_Student_IA_Evaluation_-_MATH_20C – WI17

Lee_Sung_Student_IA_Evaluation_-_MATH_10C – SP17

Lee_Sung_Student_IA_Evaluation_-_MATH_20C_- S217

Lee_Sung_Student_IA_Evaluation_-_MATH_20D – FA17

Lee_Sung_Student_IA_Evaluation_-_MATH_103B – WI18

Lee_Sung_Student_IA_Evaluation_-_MATH_20C – SP18

TA Evaluations @ UCSD

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