How I am doing…1

No posts for a long time. This is just a friendly notice that the blog is not “closed.”


Recently, I was dealing with a tough schedule, known as “Graduate Program Admission.” Thus, I did not have enough time to carry on my studies until the early January. Now, I’m mostly done with the application, and resumed studying in Analytic Number Theory, with the aid of “Introduction to Analytic Number Theory,” by T. Apostol. I found this book utmost fascinating for two reasons. Firstly, even though it was written in 1970’s, the style is pretty modern. Unlike many other old textbooks I discovered, or excavated to be more precise, from the library, this textbook has a modernistic sense in displaying equations and proving theorems. Secondly, the author proves every single theorem. I repeat, EVERY SINGLE LEMMA, PROPOSITION, PROPERTY, AND THEOREM. I really recommend this book for the undergraduate students studying Analytic Number Theory for the first time.


Well, besides my academic life, I recently found a new hobby: cooking. Check my “About Lee” post, the hobby “bowling” is changed to “cooking.” What’s my plan is, suggested by a few friends of mine, to create a separate blog, entitled “Mathematician in a kitchen,” or something like that, and post about cookings and recipes.


So, that’s how I am doing, just having another fine day. Thanks for reading, and I will come back with some cool Lee’s Challenge problems once I study quite a bit of Analytic Number Theory.

How I am doing…1

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