PMC.1: “Good Day To Math”

The first project of Proj. Math Clinic is Summer Math Seminar “Good Day To Math.”

“Good Day To Math” is a month-long seminar held @ Korea National University of Arts in 2015. The seminar was originally targeted for the students in KNUA who are willing to learn Pure Mathematics and be inspired. However, thanks to Seunghee, the target of the seminar was redirected; it is for whoever willing to know what “undergraduate level mathematics” is.

The whole seminar is consisted of seven math lectures and one physics lecture by Wonkyung Lee, a visiting lecturer. Topics and dates are listed below.

  • Jul. 3: Countable and Uncountable Infinity
  • Jul. 7: Prime Numbers
  • Jul. 10: Basic Group Theory and Isomorphism
  • Jul. 14: Fundamental Number Theory
  • Jul. 17: Combinatorics and Ramsey Theory
  • Jul. 21: Hausdorff Dimension Theory
  • Jul. 24: Open Conjectures in Mathematics
  • Jul. 28: Acoustics

The seminar is a couple of hours long, and after each seminar a 25-page long handout is posted on this blog, and publishing the book in future is under consideration.

Since the main objective of the seminar is “open to everyone and open for everyone,” any RSVPs and pre-registration are not required. Plus, the whole seminar and the handouts are free for anyone under the condition that the handouts will not be used for any commercial purpose. Uploading videos of the seminar with subtitle in English is under consideration.

Thanks to Seunghee, Woo Jin Lee, Wonkyung Lee, and whoever supported this whole project.

PMC.1: “Good Day To Math”

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